Continuing with 3-D Printing: The iPhone-based Colored Object Tracker

It stalks! It records video! My latest project is a lot more involved – I wanted to build a device that could track & record a colored object as it moved around.

Here’s a video of a prototype version:

As you can see, it’s a 3-D printed object that holds an iPhone in a sort of cage. The movable cage is connected to a servo, which turns the iPhone around as it tracks and records a colored object.

I have some applications in mind which require visual feedback. For example, I’d like to use it to follow and record an ice hockey player wearing a particular jersey/socks color combination. Because it’s constantly following the player, the video can be quite zoomed in, resulting in the player appearing quite large and clear in the video. This will be very helpful for training and feedback purposes.

I suppose it can be helpful in any situation where visual feedback is helpful, and the person is moving around, such as in ballroom dancing, etc.


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