Amax wimax a star this week amidst terrible Streamyx performance

Streamyx is really staggeringly slow this week. In my quest for a better Internet connectionto the US, I have signed up for Amax wimax service. And I’m happy to report Amax easily trounces streamyx.

The nearest transmitting station is near the VADS building in taman tun. They (amax) said my office at Damansara Intan (next to Tropicana City mall) would be too far, but because my office window faces VADS directly, we got a solid signal.

Frequest testing with to Seattle reveals that download speeds vary between 800 to 1500. YouTube videos for the most part load faster than playack speeds.

So at least we have 2 Internet lines, so if one fails we can always switch to the other internet connection.


3 thoughts on “Amax wimax a star this week amidst terrible Streamyx performance

  1. Congrat with your new provider. I also want to subscribe AMAX. But i still need to test in my area first.

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  3. today i went in tmpoint puchong branch for this package and it’s was told customer will be charged RM88 for the upgrade! this is not a good deal, just another scam deal from Telekom Malaysia.
    how can we customer have to bear the switch terminal from 1MB to 2MB cost? those port not belong to customer and we customer have to take up the cost!
    furthermore the so call tmpoint service presentive not pro as they cant give you any answer, all they can say is…”IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN, GO AHEAD”
    I make up decision after 10 years with TMNut! it time to switch to others ISP!

    just contacted amax reseller, which he promise to bring me the 1.5mb for test & money back guarantee within 7 days. btw, me base at puchong utama

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